Simple and efficient beauty recipes: Female skin care rules

Fatty skin faces constantly care. At the same time, such skin needs special, additional care, which will have a beneficial effect on the epidermis, eliminating the appearance of various defects.

Often, oily skin is distinguished by an abundance of acne, although rash is not a mandatory sign of oily skin of the face. However, angry rash is the main problem of women with oily skin.

Fatty skin care must be correct. There is a special method of care for such skin, which implies the use of several excellent cosmetics.

In addition, the owners of oily skin will have to look somewhat more often in the mirror and use certain means and techniques. So, first need to learn such a rule: never squeeze acne on your face. This is the main rule, since the care for oily skin is carried out without mechanical intervention.

The face with oily skin must be washed more often, the optimal option is twice a day, that is, in the morning and evening.

In the summer, wash the face is even more likely, since oily skin is an excellent tool for collecting dirt and dust, which is clogged into the pores of the skin and can cause acne. It is possible to use special cleaning agents that can be bought in a pharmacy.

After washing, the skin should not be treated with a towel, but it will be more reasonable to give it to it. Fatty skin needs constant drying, and not mechanical exposure that causes an increase in sweating and the selection of fat.

Before applying any cosmetic agents on fatty skin, it needs to be given to dry for 10-15 minutes after washing or cleaning. It is allowed to use only those hygienic and cosmetics that are intended for oily skin, as they differ in a special composition.

It should also be noted that oily skin of the face with excess solar radiation can be covered with acne. Excessive sunlight should be avoided, as it can lead to photose damage.

When using some hygienic or cosmetics, it is possible to notice the increase in skin sensitivity to ultraviolet light. Such a phenomenon is considered normal, but recommendations for staying under direct solar rays must be observed. Best Project Management training courses providers in Australia.




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