Signs of low self-esteem

Low self-esteem may be associated with many factors, often with childhood. This is not a diagnosis and you can get rid of it, but first you need to admit that you have a problem.

Low self-esteem can gradually beat a person and prevent him from realizing himself - both in person and in a professional plan. People with this problem think that they are unworthy of something in life and do not want to implement their dreams or goals, but they can also be very arrogant in relation to all others.

10 signs that you have low self-esteem:

1. Habit to compare yourself with others, and unfortunately, not in a positive side.

2. Sorry for itself. Often it may be provoked by a series of life failures and a feeling of helplessness to change the situation.

3. Attitude towards you surrounding. A person who does not respect himself cannot be respected by others. For example, people with low self-esteem are much more likely to enter into toxic relationships, because they are often considered victims and believe that everything that happens to them is deserved.

4. Problems in personal relationships. You can simply think that he is not worthy of anything and do not love, doubting his own significance. At the same time, he passionately wants someone to truly love him. However, fear almost always leads to the fact that people with low self-esteem become victims. They are afraid to make a new friendship or relationship.

5. Anxiety that others think about them, and it affects their lives. Far of being exposed is also a distinctive feature of people with low self-esteem.

6. They postpone the tasks that, in their opinion, will be later, in time, believing that they will not be able to achieve their goals. They are very afraid that they will not be able to cope, and this feeling literally paralyzes them.

7. Increased feeling of concern. In difficult situations, a number of psychosomatic symptoms can be observed: sweating, hand shake, heartbeat, redness and others.

8. Inability to say "no", even if it does not correspond to their own beliefs and values. This is the fact that people with low self-esteem want to like everyone.

9. Inadequate reaction to criticism and increased vulnerability.

10. External signs: Lack, stiffness of movements, "closed" postures, etc.

However, sometimes it happens that people with low self-esteem behave aggressively and can even be treated in relationships. Such behavior can be explained by the so-called protective mechanism when they are trying to control the situation. They can be sarcastic and try to teach everyone how to live.

In any case, the basis of such behavior is underestimated self-assessment. Try to get out of the comfort zone, talk with your family and understand that you are a unique person who can also achieve a lot in life if you really try and strive for dreams you. Best Custom Cakes on demand on Cake Expert near you.




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