Gaming Break is a new feature available at Swedish-licensed casinos since the launch of Swedish Licensing in early 2019. Gaming Break means all licensed games on the Swedish market are suspended. Many people want to cancel the gaming break prematurely, which is impossible. However, it is actually possible to play casino games without a break. Of course, all casino gambling must be done responsibly. Here you can learn more about how to gamble safely and reliably without a break.

Many Swedish players want to avoid the break

Many players who turn to casinos without a license do so to avoid taking a break from gambling. Maybe it's because this feature is new, but many people seem to have misunderstood how Game Break works and regret it. An activated Game Break cannot be interrupted, so many players are looking for a way to avoid a Game Break. In fact, it is possible if you choose a casino utan spelpaus.

Online Casino

Game breaks are a new tool, and there is often misunderstanding when people intend to disconnect from some games but not others. But Game break doesn't work that way, but the suspension applies to all licensed games in Sweden. Some may have excluded themselves from gambling because of attachment or because they were unhappy with a particular casino, but they weren't going to exclude themselves from all online casinos. Then a no-holds-barred casino might be a good alternative. If you are experiencing some form of gambling addiction or cannot control your gambling habits, you should certainly not try to avoid a gambling break. We encourage everyone to gamble responsibly!

The benefits of avoiding a gambling break

As mentioned, game breaks are only available at Swedish gaming sites. Skipping a casino with a game break can actually provide several advantages to your purchase. Playing in a casino without a break means that you are also playing in a casino without a license. The advantage of this is that the casino doesn't have to follow the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate's bonus rules, which set a maximum bonus of SEK 100. When playing without a break, you can take advantage of any number of bonuses and free spins. No-break casinos are often as generous with their bonus offers as any online casino before the Swedish market was re-regulated.

No-break casinos offer bonuses, free spins, cashbacks, tournaments and contests. All of this makes the online casino a truly exciting and affordable entertainment experience!

Swedish gaming license

The Swedish gaming license is almost two years old, and the body that has oversight responsibility for the gaming market and can issue licenses is the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate. The gambling pause is a tool that was developed in connection with market re-regulation. It is a self-exclusion system that is good for both players and gaming companies. For players, it's good because it's convenient to be able to control all their gambling from one place. For the gaming companies, it's good that they can identify players who shouldn't be gambling before they're even allowed in the casino.

Stronger consumer protections

There are two main reasons why the Swedish gaming market has been over-regulated. One is that it has since become possible to impose a tax on the activities that gaming companies conduct in Sweden. The second is to be able to strengthen consumer protection by making demands on gaming companies. The gambling break is one of the most commonly used tools of the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate to strengthen consumer protection, and it works very well for those who cannot control their gambling.

But the Swedish license also imposes many other, very strict requirements that force players to go to casinos without a license instead. The biggest disadvantage of this is that the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate loses touch with the players. It doesn't matter much to the player if you play responsibly. The advantage of playing at casinos without a break is that these gambling sites do not have to follow the same strict rules that currently make casinos with a Swedish license less attractive to play.

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