You make the difference

Now you can sponsor a child in Uganda.

Sponsor means:

That the children and young people of the project “KUSOMA” – “A ESTUDIAR” have continuous access to quality education and do not have to postpone or leave school for financial reasons.

When you sponsor one of our scholarship recipients, you are giving him/her, his/her family and the entire Community an OPPORTUNITY of present and future.

Through sponsorship, a bond is established with the child / young person and you are up to date with their personal situation, their progress in school and any circumstance that may arise. You also have the possibility of exchanging letters or messages with him/her, even coming to visit him. We will be delighted to welcome you and for you to get to know our project, the community and, of course, your godson/goddaughter and her family.

Each scholarship includes: 

  • Enrollment
  • School fees
  • Dining room (in most cases it is the only meal that the children eat per day)
  • Boarding School (for Special Ed. and Secondary School)
  • School supplies (for Special Ed. , Profesional Training and University)

Scholarships are divided by LEVELS:

  • Kindergarten/Primary: 20€ per month/ 216€ per year.
  • Secondary: 25€ per month/ 300€ per year.
  • Profesional training/Secundary Boarding School (especially for girls)/Special Education (Integration internship): 40€ per month/ 480€ per year.
  • University: 100€ per month/ 1.200€ per year.

How to become a godfather/godmother?

1.- Fill in the personal and bank details that appear below so that we will send you the corresponding receipt on a monthly basis.