On 3th February 2020, the school calendar began for our 70 scholarships, that is you read correctly, this year we have 70 pupils and students (16 more than in 2019), 37 girls and 33 boys between 3 and 21 years old who continue to realize their dream of having a better present and future.
Specifically there are 12 in Nursery; 45 in Primary, one of them, Godwin,is at Canon Apolo Demostration School in Boarding, since he suffers from a hearing disability due to malaria that was treated badly and that had kept him out of school for the last 5 years; 10 in Secondary, 4 of the girls in Boarding section; 1 in Vocational Training of Hairdressing; 2 at the University.
Our challenge in this project is no child has to abandon or postpone their studies for economic reasons and we directly support all equally opportunities to access Education.