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“Nasobora” literally means “You can or you are capable of doing it” and is one of our greatest projects for the furture.

 In a country like Uganda, where musical and artistic expression is everywhere and in every moment of daily life, the discovery and training of musical and artistic talent are not part of Regulated Education at an early age, and are very few Secondary schools offer any type of course / subject in this sense.

At the same time, we find ourselves daily in a reality where extreme poverty and survival are the “modus vivendi”, where the expression of emotions doesn’t exist, where children are, on many occasions, “small adults” and a large part of their Rights are violated, and where women raise the family at the expense of their own health, education and well-being.

Young people from Burahya – Fort Portal and the Rwenzori region have economic and social problems. The economic problem comes from the lack of job and job opportunities. Although the youth population is predominant in the cities, there are not enough jobs to absorb them and there is a high degree of unemployment. As a result, the young involve in illegal activities such as robberies, mafias, sex trafficking, etc. to keep their lives.

Common social problems are the lack of recreational or entertainment centers and adequate social facilities (health, education and housing, etc.). The lack of multipurpose centers has led young people to practice bad habits, such as chewing Mira (Mairungi) and excessive alcohol consumption.

The challenge of this project is to provide a concrete possibility of social and economic empowerment to the adults of tomorrow and to all their families. Our goal is to increase skills training for poor youth and women through the implementation of arts, sports and entrepreneurship programs.

We want to support social entrepreneurs, favoring professional training, through the establishment of a business center, an adult school, a library, a didactic cinema, a sports center for young people, and a space for professional training, free education and ICT training, as well as for the development of NGOs and local organizations that promote community development. For this we have the collaboration of Cream Prime, which in addition to donating 5% of its annual profits, is responsible for carrying out this program.


Una Uganda Diferente: Uganda is the so-called “Pearl of Africa”, a country of contrasts, in which every corner is a surprise to discover. You will enjoy both with us, a wild and exuberant nature and landscapes in which it is difficult to live. You will get to know how its people live in different communities of the country, getting closer to their culture, gastronomy and idiosyncrasies, and knowing first-hand different cooperation and development projects carried out here.

This is our proposal for sustainable and solidary tourism, in which with each trip we are supporting the development of the communities with which we are going to share our journey, while we discover the treasures that Una Uganda Diferente has in store for us.

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