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Be in Africa NGO stands for the opportunity to exist, live, find opportunity, and grow for a better today and tomorrow. We create bridges to generate growth.

An African child does not need to be forced to travel outside the continent seeking the best social and economic services (the quality of life). This can happen if we all work together to support this cause through different fields of our activities.

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Ebirungi bijja mpora” is a proverb in Rutooro, the local language, which means “good things come slowly”


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The population of Uganda is 45 mill. of inhabitants (last estimate of the United Nations in January 2019), of which 85% live in rural areas. The fertility rate is 5.8 per woman (2016) and the illiteracy rate is close to 80%. The Republic of Uganda is divided into 127 districts, which are grouped into four administrative regions. The districts are subdivided into counties, sub-counties, parishes and town halls.


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Health Project

With the aim of improving the quality of life for the families we collaborate under BURAHYA program, we have the support from the Spanish health volunteers moving to the families under our umbrella carrying out health reports and history. At the end of this activity...


None of this would be possible without the support of our members and collaborators who carry out all series of actions and solidarity events and with which our motto becomes a reality: "Lives change working together". Thanks to ORIGEN SPORT and ASIOKA with...

Healthy kitchens

Share the design of the healthy kitchens of ENYIKARA project. It is a great challenge that we want to assume the construction of these kitchens for each family, since it will be a qualitative leap for women/children who cook while squatting and the smoke fumes all the...

Our special moments

We take the advantage for each day to raise and give hope to the community.
Below some of the special moments we share with our beneficiaries:

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