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Be in Africa NGO stands for the opportunity to exist, live, find opportunity, and grow for a better today and tomorrow. We create bridges to generate growth.

An African child doesn’t need to be forced to travel outside the continent seeking the best social and economic services (the quality of life). This can happen if we all work together support this cause through different fields of our activities.

Our numbers

Ebirungi bijja mpora” is a proverb in Rutooro, the local language, which means “good things come slowly”

children in scholarship program 2019

children in scholarship program 2020

children in scholarship program 2021

healthy kitchens to build


The population of Uganda is 45 mill. of inhabitants (last estimate of the United Nations in January 2019), of which 85% live in rural areas. The fertility rate is 5.8 per woman (2016) and the illiteracy rate is close to 80%. The Republic of Uganda is divided into 127 districts, which are grouped into four administrative regions. The districts are subdivided into counties, sub-counties, parishes and town halls.


Sponsor a child

Children and young people of the project “KUSOMA” – “TO STUDY” have continuous acces to quality education and do not have to postpone or leave school for financial reasons.

When you sponsor one of our scholarship recipients, you are giving him/her, his/her family and the entire community an OPPORTUNITY of present and future.


“ENYIKARA” literally means “how people live”, in the local language.

With this project we directly improve the living standards, mainly in hygiene and sanitation, og the families that are part of the program. Be in Africa is responsible for the construction of bathrooms, latrines and kitchens (installation of coal fires and shelves for drying utensils, thus avoiding germs after washing)


“NASOBORA” literally means “You can or you are able to do it” and is our most ambitious project for now.

Young people from Burahya – Fort Portal and the Rwenzori region have economic and social problems. The economic problem comes from the lack of job and job opportunities.

The objective with this program is to achieve economis independence of the community through sports, art and entrepreneurship programs.


Breaking News: The NGO in Uganda, and the next events to take place. Follow the details!

Cooperation and Reality

Cooperation and Reality

Cooperation requires a high knowledge of the reality we work with. We are currently in the Primary process to elect the local candidates who will run in the next General Elections in February 2021.

International Solidarity Day

International Solidarity Day

SOLIDARITY: "Unconditional adherence or support to causes or interests of others, especially in compromised or difficult situations" AND YOU, ARE YOU SUPPORTIVE? Our challege for September: Deliver 75 RELIEF KITS in the Community: [video width="1920" height="1080"...

Our special moments

We take the advantage for each day to raise and give hope to the community.
Below some of the special moments we share with our beneficiaries:

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