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Did you know that you can provide to BE IN AFRICA the resources it needs in diverse and non-exclusive ways as a company?

Monetary donations: can be direct (own capital) or indirect (promoting donations from your customers). In both cases there is the possibility of patronage and the consequent public recognition of the donation.

Donations in services or in kind: the products or services that your company develops can be useful for Be In Africa.

Corporate volunteering: time dedicated by your employees to work for Be In Africa in their workday.

Sponsorship: As a company, you can collaborate by funding a specific activity that Be In Africa carries out and what you consider to fit appropriately in your commercial strategy. This collaboration can be limited to an event or cover activities or programs with a longer duration.

Fundraising among your employees: It can be a punctual collection between them or a regular support program (payroll giving). In addition, you can donate as a company exactly the same amount that all your employees contribute (matching gifts).

Fundraising among your clients: You can provide us with access to your clients, directly or indirectly.

Joint promotions: After a commercial promotion in which the cause and / or the image of Be In Africa act as an incentive for the sale, the company contributes the money directly or indirectly based on the results of the action. 


Whether your company already has Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions, or not, discover our projects, and add “solidarity” to your company. The amount of the contributions or the way of contributing is not the only thing that matters.