Make your tricks bigger than your fears.

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Since we are born until we die, our fears and complexes don’t stop growing, but the true meaning of life stands on making your tricks bigger than fears.


Skateboarding is one of the best vehicles for education that exist, since learning is carried out through play. Thanks to skateboarding, children are exposed to different ethnic communities, genders and beliefs, and have the possibility of belonging to a community that encourages creativity, guides and challenges the participant.

Thanks to the introduction of skateboarding in the community, we achieve greater social integration and equality that contributes to the improvement of self-esteem, mood, reduces strees and helps to strengthen relationships, appart from the physical benefit that it entails.


4 key activities will be carried out:

– Construction of a skatepark/recreational center.

Implementation of sports programs.

– Implementation of workshops related to art.

– Implementation of entrepreneurship programs.



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