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Be In Africa is a legally registered NGO operating in Spain, mobilizing funds by partnering with different stakeholders all over the world, for our sister NGO on the ground Born In Africa Uganda effective in Rwenzori region, Kabarole district.

The NGO was founded in 2017, after volunteering at Toro Babies Home, located in Fort Portal, where we also had the opportunity to learn about the community and across the surrounding areas. Our group observed the challenges the local people experienced and the simple needs that were not being met. This led us to establish the organisation, Be In Africa, which serves in the interest of humanitarian action.

Our ambition is to serve the community by delivering charitable activities and projects. We are committed to promote education, reduce poverty, achieve economic independence, and spread our principles for the benefit of the community and humanity.

In 2021 board of directors changed introducing Cream Prime with the aim of introducing “Social Skateboarding” through “Nasobora” proyect with the objective of achieving economic independence for the community through sports, art and entrepreneurship programs.

“Social Skateboarding”

Skateboarding is one of the best vehicles for education that exist, since learning is carried out through play. Thanks to skateboarding, children are exposed to different ethnic communities, genders and beliefs, and have the possibility of belonging to a community that encourages creativity, inspires, guides and challenges the participant.

In Uganda, women are considered inferior to men, however in skateboarding no one is inferior, since everyone has their own style and what is easy for someone can be difficult for another one. In addition, women have more ability than men for skateboarding.

Thanks to the introduction of skateboarding in the community, we achieve greater social integration and equality that contributes to the improvement of self-esteem, mood, reduces stress and helps to strengthen relationships, appart from the physical benefit that it entails.


The youth culture of skateboarding is oriented towards an equitative society of capable and open-minded people who assume, both economically and socially, responsibility for their lives in a positive way by educating children through an unifying spirit.


Strengthen the community through education, health and offer the necessary support for the sustainability and continuous improvement of enterprises that generate work and development.

In addition, with skateboarding, children and adolencents are given the freedom of identity creation, to help them become strong individuals based on self-determination and intrinsic motivation.


Commitment, passion, equality and cooperation.


– Generate opportunities and tools for development and growth.

– Dignify the daily life of the children, youth and adults within the community.

– Investing in education as a vehicle for change.

– Reduce existing inequalities.

– Encourage cultural exchange and cooperation.

– Work with transparency and closeness in both fundraising and work.

– Achieve economic independence of the community

Disappear as an NGO in Fort Portal and replicate “Social Skateboarding” in another community.


A few words from the president.
It was in December 2016 when I first landed in Uganda to work, through International Volunteering, with one of the Orphanage around Fort Portal town, about 100 km to the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In
reality it was an experience of “Voluntourism”, not cooperation. For this experience, I am extremely grateful, as it has given me the opportunity to be here today.

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Registration Information:

Be in Africa is registered in Madrid in Registro Nacional de Asociaciones, Sección 1ª / Número Nacional 614292.
Our Board of Directors is composed for:
President: Javier Boes Anguiano
Secretary: Sergio Mejuto Fernandez

Treasurer: Ekaitza Irastorza Adin

Born in Africa (A Foreign NGO) is legally registered in Kampala in National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organisations, Registration Number FORR13805920NB (File No. MIA/NB/2018/05/920).


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